On 15 February, the students of 4B took part in a game “Entrepreneurial Family” organized by NGO Enterprise Village.

The objective of the game is to create an environment that develops entrepreneurial competence that supports the use of business terminology, the development of social competence, communication competence and mathematical competence.

The students were divided into groups and they learnt what a family business is, what people dream about and how to achieve a goal. They also discussed the following questions: How does saving work? What does teamwork mean?

The players started to work in family businesses to earn money by selling company products /services. They were paid for their work and family money was spent on things like food, clothes, housing, etc. They had to calculate how to save money to make a family dream come true.

It took about two hours to play the game and the winners were the ones who managed to save enough to fulfill their dreams. All family businesses were successful. The students liked this learning method, were completely engaged and eager to play it again.