On 1 December the students of year 1 (robotics club) got their first Robotex experience. This year’s theme was “My First Start Up” – the students had to build and introduce their business ideas.

Team  Tamsa legod (Richard ja Remy Burk, Kenneth Konsing, Margus Oliinik) came up with an idea of a car that has a censor to notice people without reflectors on dark roads.

Team Tamsa kool (Jasmine Jennifer Pole, Sten Armin Tarassov, Sofie Sildvee, Sofia Hoolma) built a space bus to transport people to other planets in the future.

Team Tamsa tulevik (Mariam Zemskaja, Jessica Int, Andri Toost, Ranel Vainer) built a café-bus that prepares and delivers food fast.

Team Tamsa tankid (Jasper Hein, Otto Haavistu, Marten Metsoja) came up with a snowcleaning machine that can also spread sand/salt on  the roads and  suck it up in spring.

Team Tamsa tüdrukud (Loviisa Roots, Kertu Saage, Mia Jänes) built a robot that can pack a school bag.

Team Tamsa toredad (Marcus Sääsk, Engelina Kreek, Helerin Kesküll) built an automated forest harvester.

All students performed well and won small gifts. The students were lucky to bring home the award –  Sphero Bolt – from the photo competition.