On 30 April our students took part in the 59th Vallimäe Cup and Lääne-Viru cross country running cgampionships for U14 and U12.

The runners of  Tamsalu Gymnasium who were among the top 6:

Holger Soll 4th place (600 m, boys born in 2007)
Martta Raudsepp 5th place ( 600 m, girls born in 2007)
Laura Janis 1st place (600 m, girls born in 2004-2005)
Eva-Maria Raudsepp 6th  (600 m, girls born in  2004-2005)
Egert Eensalu 1st place (1100 m, boys born in  2004-2005)
Henri Pugast 6th place (1100 m, boys born in  2004-2005)
Ardo Aul 1st place (distants 1100 m, juniors born in 2002-2003)
Martin Pugast 3rd place (1100 m, juniors born in  2002-2003)

Tamsalu Gymnasium’s result was 5th place among the gymnasiums.

Students are coached by Liivi Rünk and Tiiu Heinsoo.