The project “Reflector week at school” took place from19th to 23 November. Its aim was to draw attention to the importance of wearing reflectors in the dark to make yourself visible to the drivers. The students were explained why it is vital to wear it, where to attach them on your clothing and the new knowledge was tested with a quiz.

The students were checked every morning to see if they had a reflector. The reflectors were checked by the teachers and student representatives and Police and Border Guard Board. The number of students who did not have a reflector decreased from 88 to 24. A big thank you to LLC Peikko thanks to whom the school could give out reflectors. By the entrance, the students could check if the reflector was at a proper height and on the ground floor, there was a yellow line that showed the braking distance of a car going at 50 kph. On the first and second floor of the primary school building there was a display of the reflector designs that students would like to wear themselves.