Raising Awareness of Bullying

Studies have shown that although it is not possible to get rid of bullying, it is possible to raise people’s awareness of the nature of bullying.
This year we will be focusing on friendliness by taking a number of actions to explain to students what unkind behavior is like. One of the common behaviors is saying bad things to each other.

Teachers asked students to write down words that have caused them to feel bad. These words formed a large wall full of different expressions. This revealed the fact that each person has a different perception of the meaning of words, and even some words that do not have a direct connection to a bad characteristic can become offensive.
In contrast to insulting words, we brought expressions of recognition to others and what are used as compliments on the opposite wall. Point of thought – why is the difference in the amount of words so large?

Dear parents, your contribution to raising awareness is also important. When you talk to your child tonight, we encourage an open discussion about friendly behavior.