On 7 June the students of grade 10 and 11 participated in another Good Deed Workday. The aim was to raise money to support the studies of the three girls from our sister school, Munganga secondary school, in Kenya through the Mondo Brilliant Fund. The pavement was cleaned from moss and everybody was in a good mood, as the paving had a better and fresher look after that.

A fund-raising bee took place on 28 June. “Tamsalu Wana Waksal” made a donation into the Brilliant Fund. The amount of work the girls did was surprising – the big cellar was almost cleaned. The photos clearly show the girls’ efficiency and strength.

Our end-of-the-summer Good Deed Workday took place at “Tamsalu Wana Waksal” on 28 August and we raised money to support the Brilliant Fund again.