Estonian Junior Championship Silver Medal for Pistol Shooting

On 11 January, the Estonian Junior Shooting Championship was held at the new Kääriku Sports Center. The competition featured 25 of Estonia’s best youth athletes born 2000 and later. 60 shots were fired from the air pistol for the pre-race and the top 8 advanced to the final where everything started again from scratch. Jaanus Laidus from Tamsalu Gymnasium finished third in the preliminary round, but access to the top 8 opened the door to Jaanus for the first time in the final of the title competition. In the nervous finale, Jaanus slowly moved forward until the bronze award was firmly in hand, but one competitor’s nerves got the best of them and Jaanus ended up in the top two. Although Jaanus missed out on gold this time, the first silver medal is a huge achievement and promises to have similar successes in the future.

– Jaanus Raidlo