Tamsalu Gymnasium participates in an initiative “School Supporting a Beginning Teacher”

By joining the initiative “School Supporting a Beginning Teacher” the school staff works to offer sufficient support to the beginning teacher to help them to adapt to the new working environment. The beginning teacher, however, is responsible to do their best themselves to be acquainted with teaching profession, to be dedicated, friendly, and open-minded and take the initiative.


Tamsalu Gymnasium participates in the programme “Kindergartens and Schools Free of Bullying”

“Free of bullying!” is a preventive methodology aimed at creating a mutually regarding and including relationship between kindergartens and preliminary schools, behavioural culture preventing bullying by ensuring respect and tolerance towards each other, where children care about each other and, when witnessing bullying, stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves. The methodology is based on the following principal values: tolerance, respect, consideration and courage.

Additional information about the programme HERE.

 Tamsalu Gymnasium participates in an educational programme “Enterprising School”

“Enterprising School” is an educational programme established in Ida-Viru County in 2006, directed towards the integration of enterprise education into the school system in order to improve the quality of education and thereby contributing to young people’s future success

“Enterprising School” is an educational programme for schools and kindergartens. The best way to develop young people’s enterprising spirit is in the environment where they spend most of their time. It is important that people who cultivate this attitude among young people are enterprising themselves.The support from the local community in making the learning process more interesting and natural cannot be underestimated. The aim of the programme is to help the educational institution to become enterprising involving different partners and interest groups

More information about the programme on the website.


Tamsalu Gymnasium is a member of  “TORE” 

TORE – The Support Students’ Youth Association in Estonia

Group leaders are Sirve Peitre and Valentina Viilver.
Contact and info: sirve.peitre@tamsalu.ee


  • Differences and similarities between people
  • Values
  • Learning to hear and to listen!
  • Reaching out
  • School stress
  • Every emotion counts
  • Dealing with anger – emotional intelligence
  • The joys of school
  • Problem
  • Conflict
  • Bullying behaviour
  • Online safety
  • Helping behaviour
  • Teamwork
  • From ideas to actions!

More info regarding the TORE youth association HERE.